L2coLAB collaborates with creative individuals and collectives to produce multidisciplinary, intergenerational art and theater projects that address ideas of identity, multiculturalism, belonging and the immigrant experience. L2COLAB investigates how immigrant identities and their integration into modern society are influenced by political and cultural movements. L2COLAB experiments with immersive environments thru the use of space, innovative video and audio sampling techniques that stimulate viewers' perceptions of themselves and their environment.

Luba Proger and Leonid Khanin, founders of L2COLAB, have been working together since 2004. Their combined multidisciplinary education and experience in fine art, architecture and photography has allowed them to create a number of innovative art projects, which have been exhibited over the years in various venues in New York City and abroad.

Luba Proger - Co-Founder/Collaborator
Luba Proger was born in St. Petersburg Russia where she was formally trained in painting at Serov College of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Upon immigrating to the United States, Luba received her BFA from the Pratt Institute in art photography and design. Luba is a versatile art director with extensive  and management experience. Luba conceived and produced a number of arts, photography and theater projects in New York, Boston, and St. Petersburg Russia, including ‘Castle in The Clouds’, the Purim Spiel Shadow Puppet Theater, ProjectOKNA multimedia installation, and numerous photography exhibition. She has also acted as a marketing and program consultant for the Zshuk Art Initiative and the Art on Brighton Festival. Luba currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Leonid Khanin - Co-Founder/Collaborator
Leonid Khanin was born in Moscow, Russia, and earned his Masters in Architecture from Moscow Architectural Academy. Leonid’s work includes a variety of scale from skyscrapers and museums to small set designs. He works full-time at Ralph Appelbaum Associates and has designed major international museums, including the Jewish Museum of Tolerance in Moscow. Leonid has created a variety of multidisciplinary art and theatrical projects exploring the experience of immersive environments using space, video and structure, and has developed video and audio sampling techniques that stimulate viewers’ perceptions of themselves and their environments. Leonid’s work has been produced in New York theaters and gallery spaces including ICO Gallery, Prism Theater and FunHouse Gallery. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

2015 The King of Chelm Family Musical Production
Premiered during KulturfestNYC in June 2015

2014 Castle in The Clouds Shadow Puppet Theater Production
New York City, Boston, Westchester, Saten Island

2013 - ProjectOKNA workshop

2010 - Project OKNA video Installation in 'RUSSIAN ARTISTS TAKE OVER CHELSEA!!!' 
at ICO Gallery, New York, NY

2009-2012 - PURIM Opera Shadow Theater
Roulette Club, Brooklyn, NY, JCC Manhattan, New York, NY, 

2008 - 60 Reflections - JCC Manhattan, New York, NY

2007 - Art of Giving, Evan Gallery, New York, NY

2006 - Media Man - FunHouse Gallery, Williamsburg, NY

2005 - Tompkins "Scare" Park Video Sculpture, New York, NY

2003 - NO EXIT - Prism Theater, Tribecca, NYC

2013 Receipt of the Identity Art Grant from Genesis Philanthropy Group
2010 Recipient of “Center Without Walls” grant initiative from COJECO (cojeco.org) 
2009 The Blueprint Fellowship funded by the COJECO